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There’s always a first time for everything. We all have to start learning English from scratch and go through different stages before we reach the desired goal of mastering the language as an English speaker.
In the following, we’ll share some tips and strategies for you to take your first steps with confidence and achieve your goal of speaking English successfully.


Even if you’re at a basic level, what really matters is your willingness to discover how fascinating it can be to learn a new language like English.
You’ll find many opportunities once you achieve your goal of speaking English, among which we’d like to highlight that you’ll be able to:
• Have better opportunities at the professional level.
• Study at English-speaking institutions and universities.
• Travel to countries like England, the United States, or Australia and get by with ease.
• Interact with native speakers and learn about different and surprising cultures.
• Have more possibilities to live and work abroad.


Learning English doesn’t have to be tedious or routine. From the beginning, you can perfect your language skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) by using the following strategies.
Learn songs in English
Nothing is more fun than singing songs from your favorite artist. The more you like a song, the better because you’ll probably repeat it many times. This way you will learn vocabulary, expressions, and how to pronounce words correctly.
Read comics and children’s stories
Nowadays, you can find a great variety of excellent material for children with simple language, full of illustrations and resources, which will guide you into learning the language in a creative and interesting way.
Download English apps
There’s no doubt that nowadays most people have cell phones and consult them frequently. With an English app, you can escape your daily routine for a few minutes and study a lesson, no matter where you are. Some English Learning apps allows you to study quick and fun microlessons from your mobile or tablet whenever you want.
Practice with other people
Conversation clubs and English groups are an excellent opportunity to practice your English, sometimes with native speakers. If you’re using a camera, use gestures or drawings—there’s always a way to make sure you’re understood. And if you definitely can’t manage to do that, use an online English translator or a dictionary.

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